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Organized, formal folk dances usually include traditional costumes.

What is Folk Dance?

Folk dance is a collective term for traditional dances associated with a culture. There are four main qualities of folk dance...

The influence of art noveau is seen in period architecture.

What is Art Nouveau?

Art Nouveau is an artistic style characterized by stylized organic shapes and dramatic lines. The Art Nouveau movement appears in...

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Clarinets are single-reed woodwinds.

What are Woodwinds?

Woodwinds are instruments that are played by blowing into a mouthpiece and causing a reed to vibrate. The main types of woodwinds...

New Wave music relies heavily on electronic instruments such as electric guitars.

What is New Wave Music?

New Wave music is an outgrowth of punk music associated with the culture of the 1980s. Classic New Wave artists include Duran...

Singers are often grouped according to their vocal range.

What Is Vocal Range?

Vocal range is a measurement of the pitches that a person is capable of producing with his or her voice. When determining the...

Many DJs earn their living by playing musical recordings at bars and clubs.

What is a DJ?

A DJ, or Disc Jockey, is a person who plays musical recordings. DJs often work for radio stations or bars, but some also...

Many people make collages out of photos.

What is Collage?

Collage is a piece of art made by gluing objects to a backing. The medium has a surprisingly long history; the earliest collages...

The film industry requires many more people than just the actors seen on screen.

What is the Film Industry?

The film industry is all of the businesses that are involved in the creation, marketing, and distribution of films. This includes...

The Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris is a famous example of Gothic architecture.

What Was the Gothic Period?

The Gothic period was a period time from the 12th to 15th centuries CE in which architecture and art were characterized by...

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