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At what Age Should my Child Start Ballet Lessons?

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Ballet lessons are available for the very young and the very young at heart. In truth, lessons can be offered to children as young as two to three years old, although these are normally fun introductory classes where not much is expected of the child. Normally, it's a good idea for parents to be present during classes for a very young child. Some classes are even “mommy and me” types, where both parent and child participate.

If you want to wait until a child can go on his or her own to ballet lessons, then you will probably have to wait until he or she is about four. Some classes exist for children as young as three, and a precocious child might be able to take ballet classes earlier. Much depends upon the maturity level of your child. For simple introductory courses, consider lessons that focus on having fun with a few ballet moves, rather than rigid instruction.

Most children can start ballet classes when they are three or four years old.
Most children can start ballet classes when they are three or four years old.

Ballet classes that focus more on technique than fun usually require the child to exhibit a certain level of maturity. He or she should be able to take directions, pay attention, listen, and take mild criticism. These skills are not mastered in three- or four-year-olds, in most cases, though some children are exceptions. A child who really loves ballet may worship a teacher and offer his or her rapt attention, and these are often the children who go on to have careers in ballet, if their admiration and love matches their abilities.

It takes ability, passion and years of hard work to become a professional ballet dancer.
It takes ability, passion and years of hard work to become a professional ballet dancer.

In reality, most children will never get that far in ballet, but early exposure to fun courses can make them lifelong lovers of dance. There’s also nothing wrong with early introduction of good exercise concepts, which these lessons definitely emphasize. If you are looking for a fun, introductory class, stay away from the overly technical, rigid, or harsh ballet schools that exist to create professional dancers.

Ballet, which gained popularity in France, is a type of performing arts.
Ballet, which gained popularity in France, is a type of performing arts.

Only a few children benefit from this type of teaching, which can cause loss in self-esteem and excessive concern about body weight. Other professional schools have much gentler methods of teaching ballet, and if you think your child might make a career out of dance, look for teaching methods that are precise but empathetic. Ballet lessons should be geared toward the child’s age group, and should not have unrealistic expectations about childhood behavior.

There are various styles of ballet including classical, contemporary, and neoclassical, as well as the different techniques including French, Italian and Russian.
There are various styles of ballet including classical, contemporary, and neoclassical, as well as the different techniques including French, Italian and Russian.

Parents should investigate several ballet schools as well as introductory classes offered through city park and recreation centers. Each class may specify age limits, or it may be up to the parent to decide if the child is mature enough to take a specific lesson. Considering the type of class and your child’s individual maturity are key. Also, weigh the child’s interest in ballet, because a child who is not particularly fascinated with this form of dance may not enjoy ballet lessons, even if they are loosely structured.

Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent MusicalExpert contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Tricia Christensen
Tricia Christensen

Tricia has a Literature degree from Sonoma State University and has been a frequent MusicalExpert contributor for many years. She is especially passionate about reading and writing, although her other interests include medicine, art, film, history, politics, ethics, and religion. Tricia lives in Northern California and is currently working on her first novel.

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Discussion Comments


Something that alarmed me when reading the comments is the lack of training before students were put en pointe. Recreational students should have at least three years of three 90 minute classes a week before going en pointe. Along with this should come proper placement and good technique on flat. Otherwise there is a huge risk of injury.

For those who are curious, pre-vocational/vocational ballet students start ballet at 8-10 years of age and eventually take 20-30 hours of ballet technique classes along with other dance forms, conditioning and rehearsal. You can be assessed out at any year. In many countries you become an apprentice at 16 and get a contract six months later, if lucky. It is a very stressful career and only for those who truly want it. Ballet careers are often over by late 20s or early 30s as well.


I'm 16 and I started doing ballet at age 7. I do it twice a week. I'm currently at grade 7/8. I started doing pointe at age 12, but then my teacher quit and I got another one. She let me do pointe again when I was 15 and within half a year I was able to do pirouettes and a whole routine on pointe.

I have to say, I'm not flexible at all. I can't do the splits naturally (couldn't as a child, either) but I try to stretch every day and my splits have improved. I'd say being flexible is important for ballet but not for pointe. For being able to do pointe, you have to have a very, very strong foot and leg (you are not allowed to go loose and after all, you're standing on your toe(s)).

It's all about training, really. What helps is if your first two/three toes are the same length when you stretch them. This means not all of your weight is one your big toe, which means less pain. Also, your foot has to have a nice arch, and if you stay on pointe you really have to stand on it fully. It sounds funny but you'll know what I mean.

The more you do it the better you get, trust me. If you want to become a professional (and you start doing ballet at age 15/16), I have to disappoint you. This is probably not going to happen. Girls at your age are already training with ballet companies, so if you start now you won't be good enough by the age of 20. Keep up with the good work though! Never give up.


I am 14, 15 in seven months. Since I was 9, I have wanted to start ballet (but I had a lot of issues in the past so I couldn't) and since then I have read tonnes and tonnes of books. I know pretty much all of the basics and grade 1 positions and every two months I buy myself ballet shoes. I've sort of taught myself and practice and stretch every day. Am I too old to start ballet properly?


Ana Pavovla did ballet at a time when not even the weight mattered much. Truth is that 80 percent of the ballet dancers will never make it to prima or get a second dancing place on stage.


I am 10 this year and am interested in taking ballet before I am a teenager. I took ballet before at the age of 7 and quit. I totally regret it now as I love ballet and everything. I asked for lessons. My mom agrees but my dad says it's a waste of money. He says just because I quit when I was younger, I will also quit if I learn again. What should I do to learn ballet? It is only a hundred Singapore dollars and it is kind of cheap, so actually I would love to start taking it again.

Can you give me some advice on how to learn ballet again and is it okay to start now and immediately start grade 4? Wish you could tell me the answer.


I started ballet when I was 11 after doing gymnastics. I got pointe shoes three months after I started and I got into a really good ballet school two months later.

It is never too late to start ballet, I promise. Ignore everyone who says you have to start at age 2. That is ridiculous. What is important is your love of dance.


I am 11 years old and I want to start ballet. I am very flexible, skinny and quite small. Someone said you have to be under 5ft to start but I don't know if it is true. But if it is, I am 4ft 10 and most of my friends are tall -- about 5ft 2 -- but three of them started ballet and they are much taller than I am, so it might not be true.

I have a school picked out and my friends go there and you get all your clothing half price if you attend so we could afford it.


Well I started ballet and modern at 5 but like I didn't enjoy it. When I turned about 8, I stopped because I thought it was 'uncool'. Now I'm 13 I want to start again because I love dancing. So, ask your child if she/he really wants to do it. Maybe go for a few tester weeks or activity lessons and most leisure centres have them in half terms. Try that! Hope this helped.

Much love! --Elle


I am 15 years old and will be turning 16 in September. I really admire ballet and would love to start classes. I am not skinny but rather slim, I am not flexible nor have I had any dance experience.

I know this may sound crazy, but I would love to become a professional before the age of 30. I will lose the weight and stretch more if I have to. I really want to do this but I feel that I am too old and not qualified. I just want some assurance on if I should go on with this. Thank you.


I'm 10 years old and I began ballet when I was four years old. I really like ballet and have an extreme gift, because I've won the trophy for the "top dancer overall" for about four times in a row.

I want to be professional one day, but I live in

South Africa, so is it possible to become a professional? My ballet role models are my ballet teacher and my mom. Mommy was doing ballet on tv when she was only 11 years old!

So for all you ballerinas out there, 'dance' your dreams but remember: dance for god, because he's the one who gave you your talent!


This article does not mention how dangerous it is to go on pointe at an early age (it should not be done before about twelve years of age), nor the dangers of forcing turnout.

In reality, ballet should not be started until the child is about eight. Most good schools offer creative movement or pre-ballet up to then. There are many dangers of bad training that include knee and ankle injuries. Caution should be exercised when looking for a ballet school.


I'm 12 years old and I've been doing ballet since I was 2. I started pointe when I was six, because my teacher said I have an extreme gift. I lived in the usa and now I go to a ballet school in italy. I believe at any age you can go into ballet. In my school it is tough to get in and I even have a person who is 35 and started ballet when she was 15. She doesn't even have the figure! With lots of practice you can one day become a professional. The sky's the limit.


Also to all those who think because they do gymnastics they'll be good at ballet- they're completely different! The hands and feet are different, and body movements tend to be more flowing in ballet.


Don't take it so seriously! I did ballet for nine years and am now 14. I only started pointe when I was 12, and if you want to do it properly, you need to learn the basics first.


I really want to start ballet but I'm 14. Is it easy to get into? I just want to know because I thought it would be cool to know how!


I am 13 1/2 and i really really really want to start ballet. I have been stretching every single day to get my splits and i am so close with the front splits. I think I have a pretty good body for ballet long neck, long legs, hyperextended knees, a pretty good arch on my feet and I am quite skinny. I really want to be able to dance but my parents want me to do soccer and swimming both of which I hate. I just want to do ballet but they don't seem to understand. I just finished the soccer season and they have finally allowed me to possibly enroll in a class but there are some problems. They are not going to let me do heaps of classes a week.

I might not have an way of getting to class and they don't like me walking home at night (it only ends at 6:00).

And I'm not sure what classes to do. I would like to start at a lower level to help me catch up maybe grade 2 and 1 or 3, and then a private class, but mum probably won't let me.

Do you have any ways of getting flexibility really quickly? Any exercises? Oh and my feet sickle a bit and I can't stop it! Do you think I will make it as a professional if my parents let me do a couple of classes a week? How long will it take me to get on pointe? Some people say a couple months some say three years but i don't have that much time!

Please help me! --Lilley Pointe Shoes


well i don't have any ballet schools in my city. what do i do? please, someone help me. i am crazy about ballet. in my city i can't get any teachers or any ballet slippers and shoes. Please, someone help me.


Okay for all you people wanting to take ballet: I am 13 years old and I have been taking ballet for 10 years. I am on pointe. First of all, I got en pointe at 12. And if you want to take ballet, a good time to start is ages 3-6.

If you want to take ballet, do not think "pointe" yet! Think about all the years of regular ballet first. Only once you have mastered the skills of ballet then will you be welcomed to the world of pointe. I would suggest sitting through a ballet class before starting. That might prevent embarrassment. So Just do not give up your dreams. Dance forever!


I am 16 and I used to do ballet when I was four. It was really grueling. For one whole year you could just focus on one basic move until you perfected it. You have to do at least three years before you get to the more exciting type of ballet.

Honestly, ballet is not for the faint-hearted and people who aren't willing to be patient.

I recommend the people who are 16 to practice at home before starting ballet in classes because in ballet the teachers will literally make you cry if you aren't skinny or good enough. They will say it in front of the class and make you feel horrible. But if you have the 'ballet body' the teachers won't even make fun of you and actually everybody will look up to you.

But remember only 2 percent of the world's population is born with that type of body: Long neck, small head, long arms (elbow passing the top of your head), short torso, long legs, very thin, high arched foot, hyperextended knees.


I'm 14 and my parents never had the money to put me into dance lessons when i was younger. about 2 years ago i started hip-hop, and this year i started jazz. I'm looking to start ballet next year but I've always wanted to do pointe. i don't have the body size, but how many years and times a week do you think it would take of ballet to do pointe? I'd be 15 by the time i started.


Never, ever give up your dreams! No matter how old you are, if you truly want something, than go for it.

I've always wanted to join gym, cheer or ballet but thought I was too old to start. Then last year when I was 17 I decided to go for it and join cheer. Honestly, it was on of the best things I've done for myself in a long time. I love it! I'm also in the elite team at my club too which is pretty cool.

Now I'm also considering joining adult beginner ballet classes as well. Seriously, don't live with regrets like I did for such a long time.

Most clubs offer beginner teen/adult classes these days anyway, so you won't start off training with "babies". Don't let anyone tell you to give up on your dreams because you're 'too old'. My favorite quote: "If someone tells you that you can't do something, all you have to do is turn around and me".


gosh I don't want to add to the never ending lists of am I too old, but I'm 16 and I've never taken a ballet class before but I really want to, but my parents are indian and the only things they would agree to do are piano and violin and academic classes (all of which I already do). So if I want to do ballet, that means getting a job, balancing 4 ap classes senior year (hoping senioritis won't kick in) and finding transportation to the dance school. do you think I can?

I don't really want to be a professional but I want to be able to get on pointe before I turn 20, and be good at it too, and am I being horribly unrealistic?


I'm 12 and i would love to start ballet. i do hip hop. i have never done ballet ever but i have been wanting to since i was like eight, but now my mom says I'm too young. Help, please.


I'm 13 and really, really want to start ballet. I don't care about my age. i just want to do this as a career and i saw Swan Lake not long ago on stage with the Russian Ballet dancers and it was amazing. i also saw Billy Elliot and both have inspired me loads. But we're having money issues at the moment and my mum doesn't have a job, and is a single parent.

So, I'm looking every day on the internet for cheap, close classes for ballet. I stretch every day and I'm not flexible. I can touch my toes and put my head on my knee when i sit on the floor etc., and really want to join a class and quickly!

Please reply if you can. What shall i do?


Ballet is the key to dance. Work with it, and if you really want to dance it that bad, and you really have the passion it shouldn't matter how old you are. It brings out your inner strength (not to mention the muscles you develop! So dance! Classes are expensive, but worth it in the end, even though it's hard work. Believe me, I know.

My mom's a Russian ballerina and she pushes me every day to work my tail off to perfection. I don't think I want to be a professional though, because it's an unrealistic goal for me, and I want to be a novelist. But you can work hard and reach that goal! Catch up! Have self discipline and then see where you're at. I encourage hard work!


I'm 17 and I've never danced before, never had any ballet lessons. But I would love to start taking ballet lessons. I know there will be complications because I'm not that flexible, and since I didn't start at a young age I don't have that discipline where i can get used to the pain from dancing on my toes or blocking out the pain. I would like to know if it's honestly too late for me to start. Not just now I'm not. Or yes. This is something I really want to pursue.


I know all the people who are moaning about maybe being able to old to do ballet are starting to sound like a broken record, but, I'm 13 and will be 14 in about five months.

I did ballet for five or six years when i was younger (from age two until seven or eight). i really want to start up ballet again I'm not the most flexible person (understatement. i am the least flexible person), but i used to be and i miss it all so much.

The reason i stopped last time was i had problems with communication and when i got to an older age i realized i had no friends there and got self-conscious. I'm much more confident now and have gotten over my problems, and it's my dream to dance on pointe. Is it too late?


I'm 14 years old and have had an interest in ballet in the past few months. I took up ballet when I was five up until third grade so I could take jazz and tap. I quit dance altogether in fifth grade.

I am seriously considering taking ballet again but am wondering if it is too late. I am 5'5" and am fairly thin and am very flexible and have nicely arched feet. When I was in dance, I was told I was very graceful and had natural ability for it. I am willing to put in a large amount of time and can afford classes easily at our local dance studio. Is dance something I can still do?


I did ballet from ages three to five. But I quit after lots of teasing due to my lack of flexibility.

I am now 16. I am slowly increasing said flexibility, and I would love to learn again. My mum has told me to give up on my dreams, when i said i wanted to do gymnastics or ballet. She said I was too old, and nowhere near flexible enough, let alone disciplined enough.


I'm 12 and really want to dance. I don't think its too late to start, but I was wondering. Also, I have never done actual dancing except for what I learned on my own.


I'm sixteen and I want to become a professional ballerina. I did gymnastics for eight years and I was a national gold medalist. Is it too late to start? - Tallie


my name is brehea.i am 14 and i have had an interest in dancing for a really long time but i can never find any place to go to dance.

i have never been in a real dance team or anything but i was wondering if it's too late to enroll in any kind of dancing. i like hip hop but i would like to try ballet. i know I'm a little too old to start ballet but i want to do something with dancing in college i want to be able to help other little kids dance too.

please think about letting me enroll in dance. i don't know much about ballet but i would love to learn. Please.


My name is jessica and I'm 11. i will be 12 in march 20. i really want to do ballet because it's a great sport. i want to get into dance college when I'm older, but i have to do ballet. i do hip hop now but i really want to join ballet i am not fat or skinny, so my weight is fine but i don't know whether you have to be 5 feet or under to start. please help me as soon as possible and let me know. thanks.


Im 14 years old and dance ballet. I started dancing at school every day and i fell in love with dance at the age of 11-12. At 12 i went into a Ballet Tech 1 class then this is my second year that im doing ballet in Junior.

I'm kind of short but flexible, even if i don't have the best weight (that is going to change soon) and i might be put on pointe. To anyone who wants to dance because it's their passion, i say go for it! Even if you don't become a professional, it's not about that. It's about your love for dance.

I only do ballet classes on monday, but i do 100 minutes of dance every day at school. An advantage is that my teacher at school is also my ballet teacher. I really want to be a great dancer but i think i need to do more classes? like contemporary and lyrical.

I'll see but i have a lot of performances this year, so I'm just saying, it's never too late. I'd suggest if you want it for a career you should start before/at the age of 13 if you might want to have a career in ballet. If you want to dance something else, go for it! Don't let anyone take you down and keep your head back and shoulders straight.


I'm 14 and will be 15 soon i used to do ballet and tap when i was younger and i really want to start again. I am quite flexible but i can't do the splits no matter how hard i try. Also i do not have a ballet body. i am tall but not slim. i really want to go back and have found a class but i don't know how to tell or ask my parents. someone please help me. my dream is to be able to dance en pointe in ballet.


I am 13 years old and i did ballet when I was really little but for a few months and now I really want to become a wonderful ballerina even though I'm not the most flexible person. I'm not going to give up but people keep telling me im too old. Am I?


When i was three, I started ballet dancing but then i quit a couple of years later and came back and i am 15 years old now. I hope it is not too late. I really want to be a dancer and i knew ballet was the key to dancing. I love ballet.


I used to dance ballet when i was seven but i stopped four years later. now I'm 15 and i really want to dance again. My mother says it's too late but dancing is my passion, so is it really too late? --Heidi


i started ballet when i was just two years old and quit when i was five and came back when i was eight but it just wasn't the same. i didn't step onto the ballet floor until i was 12 and it's the best decision i ever made. all i want in my life is to dance. I'm 14 now and i couldn't be happier. Ballet is the best thing on earth.


I started at 11, and I'm 13 right now. I absolutely adore ballet and practice and stretch every day. I know I want to become a professional.

I haven't been on pointe for a full year yet, but have been put in a pointe level with girls who've been en pointe for years.

You can really start ballet at any age, but if you're dreaming of becoming professional try starting before 15, and you have to work really hard to catch up if you're trying to become professional and started a little late. but it sure is worth it.


Most people believe they're too old to start ballet, even when they just turned 7. Anna Pavlova started at 11, people! Really, you can start at any age.

Money and travel issues aren't really 'issues' nowadays. Look online for lessons and techniques. there are tons of sites with exercises and class schedules posted online. So, you can always learn from there.

So, hey, enjoy dancing!


I just turned 13. I know i don't have a perfect body but i do grade 4 ballet and love it. Don't be worried about people laughing at you. the teacher won't let them. besides you don't have to go if you don't like it the first time.


To everyone out there who takes ballet and who want to start, i want to tell you to never give up, no matter how old you are. you can still be a ballerina. I am ten years old and i have been a ballerina for four years and i cannot live without it. I would love to be a ballet teacher some day.


I'm 22 and would love to learn ballet. Is it too late to start ballet classes? I am dreaming to become a ballerina. It is my dream.

I really want to become a ballerina. Oh -- and I'm in sri lanka (I hope you know the country). There are not that many good ballet schools here. I know only two good ballet classes here, but they don't handle any adult ballet classes

So what am I supposed to do? Please give me advice. And also I'm not a rich person to spend money.


I'm 11 and I don't know if I can start. I watch princess tutu for you anime people out there.


I'm 13 years old and i really want to do something like gymnastics or trampolining, and my mum did it but she just says that she started young and that i can't do it. I just want to do something.


I'm 12 years old. I just started ballet and i am very passionate about it. I'm really curious to know about how long it will take me to begin on pointe. I have had some experience when I was 3 and 4 but then i quit. will i ever have the opportunity to start pointe?


I'm 15 years old, i used to play ballet when i was five years old but just about two months and i was stopped. i want to start again but i don't know what about my age now. Is is too late to study because the bones and muscles now are very hard, not soft like when i was a child? I love it very much! I'm so disappointed and sad.

I don't know if I can study again or not, but i still practice myself at home sometimes.


I'm 14 years old and i have recently discovered my passion for dance. I want to do ballet but my mom says I'm too old.

I'm told here i could do some basic classes and then maybe progress but she doesn't think so. What am i supposed to do? I love dancing so much and i find myself dancing at the most random times. I did tap,jazz, and hip hop when i was younger but my parents did not think i was serious enough. i am also not very tall. Only 5'3 but i want this so bad.


i am a 15yr old boy who's been acting for many years and been wanting to do ballet for a while. I've started attending ballet classes and I'm really enjoying it! I am also starting to get the hang of it now.


I used to do ballet, but I had to quit when we moved. I am very passionate about ballet but don't really have the body for it. I can't do the splits. I am ten years old. Is it too late?


To all those who have posted comments: You can do it.

If you are really passionate and love ballet so very much, there would be a way. You are not too old. There are professionals who started at the age of 16!

Tomboys can do ballet. Ballet used to be restricted to for only males, for goodness' sake!

Sacrifice if you really love it. I wish all of you luck.


i am 15 and i want to start ballet. i can do splits and i know all the positions. i am tall and thin.


to mother of "gifted daughter" make a short video on your phone with your daughter watching the nutcracker and show it to the teacher.


I just turned 14 and have done various dance classes most of my life, like ballroom dance, contemporary, physical theatre, jazz, tap, but I've never done ballet. I'm fit enough and i am flexible-ish. Is it too late for me, though?


I'm 12 years old and i started dancing when i was two but i quit dancing when i was five and just started back up when i was nine. never too late to start. good luck!


i started dancing when i was two and have been since then, but that doesn't mean your child will want to do that.


even if you are older it is never too late to start ballet. There are lots of studios that offer beginning classes for older girls so you won't have to dance with babies. Like i took ballet when i was little but i no longer do. My studio has a beginning class and most of the girls are pretty old.


I'm 12 years old and I'll be 13 in June. I used to take ballet when i was like five or six and then i quit because i didn't have the time.

i want to start ballet again! I am on the computer 24/7 looking at ballet shoes. I have the body for ballet although i am not *that* flexible. I can do astratel and scorpion but i can't do a split no matter how hard i try.

I can go on pointe and i know most of the positions. Is it too late for me to start or not?


I am 12 and I used to do ballet. I'm starting again, and they are putting me in grade 3/4 classes, I will be catching up very soon. Never too late to start. But before you take lessons I recommend stretching, and learning all the basics!


i'm 16 and I've never done ballet before and i really want to do it, and i was wondering if it is too late for me to start ballet at this time.


My three year old daughter seems to have a strong desire and passion for ballet! Her expression on her face is so peaceful yet serious as she dances and she seems to be in such harmony.

She watched the nutcracker on DVD and will try to mimic every step which she does quite well with some of them considering her age. She is just in love with ballet.

I took her to a ballet class and she seems to have trouble with the fact that the class is already focused on techniques with no creative movement. She just wants to be able to glide across the room and practice her balance and stretch out her arms and arch her back. She wants to dance now.

I know she needs to learn techniques to master ballet, but she wants to show the teacher what she can do and like to do. I am afraid if no one takes her seriously, it will become overlooked.

I do think she is gifted. Not that I am a mother who wants to have a gifted child, she just seems to be and as a mother I do want her potential to be fulfilled.

From what I read teachers will play a huge role in this. It's just that when I tell them what she can or has been doing, they just look at me like every mom thinks they have a talented child, however I have many friends with three year old girls and they too tell me that my girl is passionate about ballet and talented in their eyes because their little girls have not danced the moves mine does even after watching the nutcracker.

I am not pushing this on my child. She is. She asked me every day to put on the nutcracker so she can dance with her girls as she puts it. What can I do to get a ballet teacher to come to my home so they can see with their own eyes what she does. At least then if after that, I am told it is nothing spectacular I will know she is not gifted in ballet.

I honestly forget I am her mother when I watch her dance. She just is so entertaining when she does it that I just feel liked I am watching a dancer. It is an amazing thing. As her mother I do want to help direct her if this is what she loves.

I hear gifted kids can have their talents overlooked and overseen and become underachievers if a teacher does not take notice. Can you give me some advice?


I'm 16 and I'd love to take ballet classes, but I was wondering if it was too late for me. I took some classes when i was 12 and I was good at it, but i had to leave. so now want to start again.

what do you think? is this a right time for me or is it too late?


i started to learn ballet when i was small but then i quit, because i had no time, but now I'm having hip hop dance lessons but i also really want to go back to ballet and learn it again. another thing is that I'm 14 and so do you think that I'm already too old to start?


i am 13 and have been doing jazz for a year. i am starting tap next year and really want to do ballet after seeing center stage the movie, but I'm not sure if I'm too old or what. also, I'm not very flexible and I'm scared the other kids would laugh at me.


I'm 12 going onto 13 very soon. I want to try ballet because i love it now but i don't know if i can or where. I used to be a total tomboy and still kind of am but i know i don't have the *ballerina figure* as much as my mom says i look perfect.

My mom is learning that i have an interest in ballet after so many drawings i have done. But i also don't know if this is just a phase or if i really want to try it. i've heard about the cost now, and i know my friends and most of my family would be shocked, so can i still try ballet either at home or classes that don't cost much with people like me? I've never taken ballet, and I'm not really flexible at all. And will I have to wear a tutu? Please help.


to everyone that is hesitant about starting ballet because of their age or body type, it's never too late to start ballet or any type of dancing. I started ballet when I was 16 and I was just put with the girls my age. I had to work a lot harder but I'm now almost at the same level as everyone else. I also went en pointe after one year.

Ballet is very rewarding. There's something about dancing that just makes you feel great. So whether you think you should or not, just do it. You won't regret it, and don't worry about what people may think of you. (everyone secretly wants to dance so they're just jealous. :D )


i'm 14 years old and i'm not flexible. my mom says that ballet classes are too expensive, but i love ballet so much. What can i do?


I just moved and am starting ballet in the town I live in now. One day I hope to be a professional dancer, hopefully a prima ballerina, but my old teacher said I have a future in dance but need to practice more. Does anyone know what I should weigh if I want a future in dance? Does anyone have any ideas of that can help me become more flexible, balanced, or have any great tips? Thanks!


I love ballet. I did ballet when I was 6 and 8. I just moved and am trying ballet where I live now. I want to be a professional dancer when I am older but my dance classmates don't take it that seriously and we don't get anywhere. Any ideas about things I can practice at home without music every day?


I am 14 now and i want to do ballet. i have done the basics at the age of 5 but then my teacher left and i had to stop. I want to go for lessons again, but I fear that it might be hard for me. if you have any suggestions, please help.


I am 16 and i would love to do ballet but i am not what you would call a skinny girl, and i would love to be a dancer. is there any chance i could still do ballet?


I'm 14 years old and I'm not that flexible. I've tried to do splits but i just can't do it. I never danced ballet before but i always wanted to dance no matter what. I have had a big dream in becoming a ballerina ever since i was little but my mom always told me that the classes were too expensive. People always make fun of me when i told them what i want to become, but their opinions don't matter to me. I would like to have advice, to know if i could still dance even though I'm not flexible enough and the classes being to expensive. Please help me. i need to know if there's still a possibility in making my dream come true. Please help me!


OK, i am 13, almost 14 now, and I really want to join ballet, but I'm really embarrassed. I am a tomboy and I've never liked anything girly in my life and both my parents know that, but now i don't want to tell them because it will be really embarrassing. Also, when you say ballet school, do you mean an actual school for ballet or just like a class for a few hours?


I have already posted a note, the one that starts 'i am 12 turning 13 in 2 months in october.' I would really like to start ballet as I already explained. I have loved it all my life. When I was younger I did gymnastics but love ballet as well. I stopped gymnastics and my passion for ballet grew. I am very flexible still. Please can someone help me? It would help a lot. Thanks.


I am 12 years old turning 13 in 2 months in october. when I was younger I loved reading about ballet and pretending to be a ballerina. I was walking along the street were I went to do some shopping with my mum when I saw some ballet shoes and said to my mum I would like to start. What age do you have to be to start ballet and do you dance in age groups and levels or just the level you are at? please help me


to all of you girls who have posted comments about taking ballet, its never too late to start. A few things to look for are the teachers at the shcool, make sure they're firm and teach but are not too intense or "into it'', also look what kind of floors the studio has basket weave floors are the best. also for the bun you could go to a hair stylist and ask he/she which is the easiest way to make a bun in your hair, the last thing i want to say is for class to keep your mind off of other things picture yourself being the best dancer in the world (works for me) thanks


I am 15 but and I really want to start ballet. I did it when I was much younger and therefore don't remember anything. I can go on point and do the splitz but that's pretty much it! Would any ballet school accept me? And if they did would I be dancing with Babies?


I want to do ballet. but im 15!!! do i have to start with babies? I have done it before and I can go on point but I forget all the positions.


I am 14 years old and i really want to start ballet. My friend gave me her point shoes and I can dance in them but I am to embaressed to start classes. If I started ballet at my age would it be with 3 and 4 year old?


I'm 12 years old and am turning 13 next year. I really love ballet. When i was 5 I started ballet lessons then added tap and jazz. I quit when i was 8 because I had had enough.

I really want to start again but not sure if I will be too old.


I'm 12 and *really* want to do ballet.

The thing is, I'm highly embarrassed to tell my mum. She says I'm built for sports and only that all the time. While I was 9-11 I was so tomboyish and despised things like ballet. Now, Ive seen stuff like it on tv, in books, I even saw a performance at my school from an arts school. I really want to do it, I even cried last night cause I'm sooo scared to tell her cause she might laugh or yell. Help.


to all you girls on your 10,11,12,13,14, and older to love ballet and join a school is never too late. it's actually possible to start and still have a great future in Ballet. just search the right studio and teacher. also there are lots of introductory ballet lessons offered through city parks and recreation centers all around the u.s. the old method of teaching ballet is out-dated and wrong. they just create lots of loss in self-esteem and excessive concern about body weight and they are too rigid and harsh and that is not healthy neither to your wonderful mind and body.

good luck anon,kolokolo,lululinasey and the rest, if you love to dance go ahead and dance just find the right studio keep searching do not give up. rzzk


I'm 12 going on 13, and I really want to dance ballet. I danced ballet when I was 5 but I quit in less than 3 months. I regret that decision so much. I still remember certain things, I can still stand on my toes but only for a short time. I am pretty agile and flexible. I want to tell my parents that I want to do ballet again, but this time I won't give up, but I'm afraid I lost my chance. Am I still old enough?


i am 13 and it is like mid-school year and i really want to start in ballet. there seem to be some problems however.

1.) i used to do karate and my parents especially my mom do not think i will like and think that i should just give up my goal.

2.) i have super long hair and i don't know how to put it up in a bun (i don't know how to make a bun at all actually ~^.^~)

3.) i am a very <-- pay extra attention to the word, very loud and it is sometimes hard for me to sit still and listen however i love ballet

4.) i don't know why i have gotten so interested in ballet but when i think about me doing it in the future i get so excited and i just want to do it now!! that's another reason my parents don't want me to do it because i can't give her a reason for wanting to do it.

if you have any ideas on helping me or for answering a question you think i didn't remember to write please reply or w.e you do to help people. please and thank you =]


im 13 years old i liked ballet when im just 10 years old.. im not that flexible but a have the body of a ballerina. can i join a ballet class even though im 13 is it OK....


im 19 years old. i used to dance ballet when i was little girl and quit when i was younger. i was thinking to get another chance to ballet, but i am not sure if i am old enough to start ballet. i would love to ballet!


lululindsey: i think you should go for it, regardless of if you or your mom don't think you have the "right" body type for ballet. while your mom may be right to be concerned about the pressures you may face to conform to certain body-type standards some people in the industry hold, you should try it and see if you like it. don't let something like that keep you from pursuing what you love!


Hi, i am a pre-teen and i have loved to dance since i was 3 or 4 but never got the chance. my mom is finally debating it but i just wanted to know if my body type wouldn't be good for ballet. i have short legs, a regular sized torso, in between neck, and a small/regular sized head. My legs are athletic.....and a little chubby. But i love ballet! What do you think?


i am 15 years old i am wondering if i am to old to start ballet like it said in the article the best age to start ballet is 3 or 4 years of age. i am very short and i also do athletics so i am have very muscular legs so if they might not look very good. so is staring ballet a good option for me?


To Anon10587--

It might be a little late to become a classically trained ballerina, but many people don't learn to dance until they are in their teens, and many of them get very good with lots of practice. Try to look for a school near your home, or a dance studio that offers lots of different classes you can try out to see what kind of dancing you love the best!

To anon12724--

If you love sports, then ballet is great. It is an extreme sport and requires lots of physical strength and accuracy. Football players often use ballet as a way to learn muscle control and coordination. You shouldn't be ashamed or embarrassed. Moreover, don't let other people tell you what you should and shouldn't be. You're ten now and it's time to start deciding who you are on your own. Sometimes parents, even the best parents in the world, make the mistake of thinking their child is only "one" kind of thing. "She's the tomboy one, or she's the girly one, or she's the smart one." They're also trying to figure out who you are, but these labels can be hard when you find you're not just a single thing. You have lots of dimensions and layers, and you can BECOME whatever you would like.

Maybe you could use this response to talk with your parents about how you'd like to explore ballet. At ten, you're also changing and growing. It's a great time to explore new things and learn about the many gifts you have. If your parents will allow it, maybe you could take an introductory class at a local Parks and Recreation center to see if you do enjoy it. These are usually inexpensive and a good way to try out something new.


I'm ten and really want to start ballet, but I'm nervous to ask my parents because they think I love sports and am a total tomboy! I'm not! I have spent countless hours looking up leotards and ballet slippers without my parents knowing. I really wish I was a ballerina!


When i was 3 years old my mom enrolled me to a ballet school, but we moved to a new house and my mom can no longer take me to my classes. Now i'm already 16 years old and i really wanted to learn ballet or any type of dance so bad, i just realize how much fun dancing can give me! Is it too late for me know to enroll myself in a dance school?


I'm 10 as well and I would really like to start ballet, my sister started when she was 3 and she really enjoys it. I wanted to start when I was 2 but I was too nervous to do the lesson in front of all the parents.


please i'm 10 years old and i really want ballet lessons so please i love to dance as well

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    • Most children can start ballet classes when they are three or four years old.
      By: Brocreative
      Most children can start ballet classes when they are three or four years old.
    • It takes ability, passion and years of hard work to become a professional ballet dancer.
      By: Aleksandr Doodko
      It takes ability, passion and years of hard work to become a professional ballet dancer.
    • Ballet, which gained popularity in France, is a type of performing arts.
      By: KABUGUI
      Ballet, which gained popularity in France, is a type of performing arts.
    • There are various styles of ballet including classical, contemporary, and neoclassical, as well as the different techniques including French, Italian and Russian.
      By: Zsolnai Gergely
      There are various styles of ballet including classical, contemporary, and neoclassical, as well as the different techniques including French, Italian and Russian.