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What Is an Internet Band?

A.M. Boyle
A.M. Boyle

The remarkable development and evolution of the Internet has affected many aspects of social interaction and given birth to countless innovations. One such innovation is the Internet band. Often called a virtual reality band, an Internet band is a nontraditional gathering of musicians and other artists online for the purpose of creating music. The resulting compositions are shared and enjoyed by many via various online venues.

Internet bands first became popular in the early 21st century. Generally, they are comprised of various musicians from all walks of life and from all corners of the Earth. Band members never need to meet face-to-face, and consequently, they are not restricted by distance. In fact, given the way virtual bands create music, members do not even play together at the same time. A trumpet player from Kenya can play in the same band as a fiddle player from Boston, while a bagpiper from Scotland can mix a tune with a drummer from China.

Many bands gain notoriety by uploading and publishing their music online.
Many bands gain notoriety by uploading and publishing their music online.

Generally, when an Internet band puts together an arrangement, each musician creates his or her own track utilizing his or her own instruments or vocals. The track, often created with the help of specialized software, is typically uploaded to a particular predetermined location on the Internet. Drawing upon the input from all band members, one digitally mixes together the uploaded tracks into a song. The result is an original, cohesive composition that blends together the many talents of the band members.

The unique way in which the music is created has given rise to other special artists who generally become integral members of an Internet band. For instance, most virtual musicians need people who are technologically and artistically savvy enough to upload and mix the various tracks into a seamless piece of music. Other individuals have the ability to publish the finished piece in a manner that is easily accessible to the general public.

Every Internet band generally requires a platform where the members upload various tracks and mix them together in a simple, no-hassle manner. In answer to this dilemma, a variety of organizations have sprung up that offer hosting services for virtual bands. These organizations provide mediums where bands can upload music, mix it, and publish it with relative ease. They might also provide forums where band members can easily interact and corroborate on various projects.

Some virtual musicians might play exclusively with one band, while others choose to play for several, sharing different tracks with different musicians. Although band members never need to personally interact, occasionally they might enjoy an opportunity to jam together via online conferencing or video interaction. Still, some complain that, while Internet bands offer flexibility, they lack the sense of camaraderie often shared by real-time band members.

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    • Many bands gain notoriety by uploading and publishing their music online.
      By: Kzenon
      Many bands gain notoriety by uploading and publishing their music online.