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What Is the Color Persimmon?

C. Mitchell
C. Mitchell

The color persimmon is a shade that usually falls somewhere between orange and red. It is usually designed to mimic the varying colors of a persimmon fruit. The color persimmon is commonly used to market clothing, cosmetics, and paints.

Persimmons often resemble tomatoes and carry a similar pigmentation. They are usually pale orange when they first develop, and their color matures as they ripen. In most cases, persimmons are inedible before they are ripe, and even then, they often carry a sharp, almost acidic taste. The fruit’s flesh is usually the same color as its skin.

Woman painting
Woman painting

Many marketers designate a color “persimmon” as an alternative to calling it simply orange or red. The color persimmon often carries an exotic connotation and may cause consumers to think that a product is more unique or exciting than one that is more simply labeled. Unique color schemes are also a way for manufacturers to distinguish themselves from other similar vendors.

In most cases, the color persimmon is not in and of itself unique. It is often identical to other products labeled “cherry,” “coral,” “apricot,” or “sunrise.” A product that is called persimmon today might reemerge next season under a different name without changing at all. Creative labeling is a major part of most advertising initiatives, and products with inviting, unusual colors often sell better than ones simply labeled as “medium orange-red,” for instance.

The persimmon designation can also be used to give consumers a sense of what sort of color range to expect. Paints and many make-up products are sold in sets of coordinating colors. Persimmon color palettes incorporate a range of different tints, usually beginning with light orange and transitioning slowly to deep red.

In painting, color palettes can help homeowners and crafters try out a variety of different paints on walls and other surfaces to get a sense of what they will look like once applied. Painters can test out the different shades, then return to the store for a larger supply of whichever product worked the best. In these situations, the individual paints may not be named “persimmon,” but rather the whole set will carry the name in order to give some indication of the contents.

Make-up palettes in persimmon color usually also incorporate a range of different tints, most frequently for eye shadows and lip glosses. It is common for these sorts of sets to include other neutral colors, like white and brown, as well as more persimmon-like shades. This allows makeup artists to achieve a variety of different looks with the color persimmon as the foundation.

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    • Woman painting
      Woman painting