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What are the Different Types of Poster Frames?

Sherry Holetzky
Sherry Holetzky

Posters and prints are very popular forms of art, and today, poster frames can be nearly as artistic as the artwork they highlight and protect. There are many styles from which to choose, from home decor options to commercial frames and marquees. Many poster frames are as decorative as they are functional. They run the range from free standing to wall mounted and from tabletop units to hanging poster frames.

Poster frames are available in a huge variety of sizes and finishes, from wood, metallic, acrylic, and plastic to PVC. One of the most common styles is the black aluminum easy-loading frame, which is often referred to as a movie poster frame. Posters are simply slipped into the top of these poster frames, from the back, and the frames do not even have to be removed from the wall. This style is available in most sizes, easy to find, and very affordable.

Woman painting
Woman painting

If you want something a bit more stylish, consider plaque mounted poster frames. This style mounts the poster onto framed matting with a beveled edge for a more custom, permanent display option. On the other hand, if you plan to change the poster or print often, you may want to choose swinging poster frames. This style comes with wood or metal framing, opens like a book, and allows you to quickly remove one poster and insert another in its place. These are sometimes called newspaper frames, because they are often used to display daily papers.

Another option is curved poster frames made from clear acrylic. This attractive style is offered in both tabletop units and wall-mounted units. Other poster frames are also available in acrylic, including flat frames, which can be mounted on the wall or suspended from the ceiling for a contemporary look. Another way to get that "floating" contemporary look is with poster rails.

Poster frames are not only for indoor use either. There is a wide selection of outdoor options, from weather resistant wall-mounted units to poster stands and freestanding poster frames.

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    • Woman painting
      Woman painting